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» Lateral Bowl Wear Ring:
Each bowl is provided with a resilient, abrasion-resistant, rubber lateral bowl wear ring, reinforced with a rigid metallic core.

» Dual Bowl Bearings:
Peerless utilizes both rubber and bronze bearings to take advantage of the superior qualities of each material for the longest possible pump life under the widest range of pump operating conditions.

» Extra Long Bearing Surfaces:
The main bearings of the top bowl and suction bell are extra long to provide maximum shaft support and stability, ensuring smooth and trouble-free operation.

» Interchangeable Packing Container:
The standard packing container can be converted to mechanical seal in the field using the original packing container. In addition, we have numerous product lubricated and oil lubricated designs for water flush, oil lube and high pressure applications.

» Precision Straightened Shafting:
Peerless vertical turbine pumps shafts are precision ground and straightened to exacting standards to ensure long life.

» Sand Collars:
Labyrinth type sand collars are available to protect bearings from abrasive wear by preventing grit from settling in the bearing area when the pump is idle.

» Impellers:
Vanes and guide passages are hand finished to ensure maximum performance. Our impellers are balanced to ensure smooth operation.

Although a vertical pump's value can be found in its bowl, Peerless Pump places equal value on the complete pump. As an example, our fabricated type discharge heads are stress relieved after welding. This is an extra step Peerless Pump takes to prevent deformation of the installed unit due to welding induced stresses.

Our combination of high efficiencies, good NPSH and durability have led to our undisputed reputation for long life spans. We offer a wide range of horsepower, capacities and configurations to accomodate your pump applications. Our design flexbility allows for adaptation to your future system's needs.

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