CR — Jockey Pumps

CR vertical, multi-stage, centrifugal in-line pumps can be effectively used for many different industrial & commercial fire water supply systems. These pumps are up to the task in the most challenging environments for pressure maintenance / jockey applications. They feature state-of-the-art hydraulics and quiet and efficient motors.

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  • Commercial Building
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Energy Facilities
  • Oil & Gas Facilities
  • Power Plants
  • Marine Applications


Capacities Up to 100 GPM, 22 cu m/hr

Head 773 feet, 235 m

Pressure 335 PSI, 23 bar

Horsepower 20 HP, 14.9 kw

Temperature 33-122° F, 1-50°C

Drives Vertical C-face motors

Liquids Clear liquids

Materials 304 & 316 SS and cast iron

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Grundfos CR pumps are supplied with heavy-duty 2-pole, NEMA (-frame motors built or selected to our rigid specifications. All CR pump motors have heavy­ duty bearings in them for maximum thrust require­ ments. It is not recommended that an off-the-shelf standard Baldor motor be used on a Grundfos pump. Ideally, the best motor choice would be the Grundfos specified motor. Other motor types are available (i.e., Explosion proof, Mill and Chem duty, High Efficiency, etc.), consult local Grundfos company for more information.

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