Municipal Pumping Solutions

The importance of clean water and the proper disposal of wastewater demands the utmost in pumping reliability and performance. That's why Peerless Pumps are an integral part of municipal pumping stations and treatment plants throughout the country and around the world.


Raw Water Intake & Municipal Well

A variety of vertical, mixed flow and axial pumps for low- and high-volume lift applications from wells and surface water structures.

Water Boosting & Distribution

A full line of NSF horizontal & vertical pumps for the transportation of clean, safe drinking water.

Storm Water & Flood Control

Mixed flow and axial pumps for high-volume, low-lift, high-flow dewatering applications.

Water Treatment

A full line of NSF 61 certified canned vertical turbines and split case pumps for in-plant boosting and water treatment processes.


Vertical turbine pumps for wastewater effluent transfer and disposal.

A Full Line of Quality Engineered Solutions

As a full-service supplier, Peerless Pump is uniquely qualified to analyze and fulfill your pumping requirements. We offer a comprehensive product line, allowing you to tailor a system to your particular needs. We back our products with a complete list of value-added services, including design, engineering and computerized order fulfillment, as well as worldwide distribution.

Vertical Turbine

Vertical close coupled single-stage or multi-stage turbine pumps.

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Horizontal split case single-stage pumps in discharge sizes from 2″ to 24″.

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Mixed Flow

Providing a wide range in hydraulic and economical solutions for large-volume pumping jobs.

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Heavy-duty industrial sump pumps.

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Horizontal split case multi-stage pumps with 2-5 stages.

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ANSI B73.1

Peerless 8196

Wide range of flows and heads in a variety of metallurgies. Meets or exceeds the latest ASME/ANSI B73.1 specifications.

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End Suction

Horizontal radial split single-stage pumps for general service applications.

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Self-priming, back pullout pumps based on the Hydrobalance Principle. ANSI series bearing frame, circular casing design, suction lift up to 30 feet (9 meters). Types LPLA/LHLA.

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