Peerless SP are submersible borehole pumps, designed for pumping groundwater. Peerless SP are all stainless-steel pumps, and they are available in 3 material grades. The pumps are suitable for boreholes in sizes ranging from 4″ over 6″ and 8″ to 10″. The motor sizes for the pumps are available in 0.37-250 kW.

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  • Commercial Building
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Energy Facilities
  • Oil & Gas Facilities
  • Power Plants
  • Marine Applications


Capacities 1-300 GPM, 68.1 m3/hr 

Head Up to 1200 Feet, 365 m 

Pressure 519 PSI, 35.78 bar 

Horsepower 25 HP, 18.64 kw 

Temperature 32-140 F, 0-60 C 

Drives Submersible Motor

Liquids Water, Seawater 

Materials 316 SS 

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  • Peerless Pump offers a complete range of submersible pumps and motors to fit virtually any application, with flow rates of 0 – 300 GPM
  • State-of-the-art Hydraulics
  • Pump efficiency is maximized by constant improvement of the high performance
  • Hydraulic design, and precise manufacturing process
  • 100% High-grade Stainless Steel
  • Rugged stainless steel construction inside and out resists corrosion and attack from aggressive liquids
  • Wear-resistant Design
  • Designed to flush abrasive particles from the pump, and made from stainless steel to resist wear caused by abrasives
  • Peerless Pump manufactures it’s own line of quality submersible motors in a broad variety of sizes. With the same stainless steel construction and quality design as our pumps,
  • Available controls to protect the motor against burnout and dry-running, plus the ability to monitor the system allowing the user to optimize settings 2-pole,
  • NEMA (-frame motors built or selected to our rigid specifications. All CR pump motors have heavy­-duty bearings in them for maximum thrust requirements.
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