Industry leading self-priming design based on Harry LaBour’s “Hydrobalance” design allowing for a guaranteed suction lift of 25 ft of H2O at sea level. Also utilizes the same heavy duty power end as the LVA & TFA pumps. Available in a wide range of metallurgies.

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  • Chemical Transfer
  • Bilge Water Removal
  • Liquor Evaporator
  • Tank Car Unloading
  • Industrial Waste Treatment
  • Suction Vacuum Systems
  • Mine/Tunnel Dewatering
  • Excessive Entrained Air
  • Condensate Systems
  • Volatile Liquid Handling


Capacities Up to 700 gpm (159 m3/hr)

Head Up to 300 feet (91 meters)

Pressure Up to 150 psig (11 kg/cm2g, 1,034 kPag)

Horsepower Up to 125 hp (93 kW)

Temperature Up to 400° F

Drives Electric Motors, Steam Turbines, Diesel, PTO, VFD, Belts…

Liquids Chemicals, condensate systems, entrained air and all process.

Materials Cast or ductile iron, 316 SS, A48, 317 SS, R55, Nickel, Elcomet K, Hastelloy(s), Titanium, Zirconium, plus most machinable alloys.

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  • Back pull-out feature with an ANSI series bearing frame for ease of maintenance.
  • Every LHAULPLA series pump offers both rapid priming time and high lift capabilities.
  • Inherently self-priming, eliminating the need for check valves, foot valves, and auxiliary priming devices.
  • LHA/LPLA design incorporates large diameter ANSI shafts which minimize shaft deflection and reduce mechanical seal wear.
  • Circular casing eliminates vapor lock.
  • Component construction enables the user to replace any individual part without replacing the entire unit.
  • Removable basket strainer prevents foreign solids from damaging the pump.
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