Peerless 8196

ANSI pump heavy duty design, open impeller with integral pump out vanes on back side reducing stuffing box pressure therefore extending mechanical seal life. Impeller available in keyed & bolted design to prevent unscrewing in the case of reverse rotation. Power end comes standard with labyrinth bearing isolators.

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  • Corrosive, toxic and abrasive process liquids
    such as acids, bases and solvents
  • Chemical and petrochemical
  • Pulp and paper
  • Plastics
  • Refining
  • Pharmaceutical


Capacities Up to 4,500 gpm (1,022 m3/h)

Head Up to 730 feet (222 meters)

Pressure Up to 375 psi (2,586 kPa)

Horsepower Up to 300 hp (224 kW)

Temperature Up to 500°F (260°C)

Drives Motors, engines, steam turbines

Liquids Chemical, pulp and paper, all process

Materials Ductile iron, 316SS, CD4MCuN

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  • The 8196 casing is a self-venting, top centerline discharge with a fully confined gasket. Class 150 lb. FF flanges are standard, with optional Class 150 lb. RF and both FF and RF Class 300 lb. flanges available. All ductile iron and 316SS casings are supplied with casing drains.
  • An optional Casing Wear Extender™ is available on 3×4-13 and 4×6-13 MTP frame sizes and on all XLTP frame sizes. The Casing Wear Extender can be provided in wear-resistant materials, such as CD4MCu.
  • The impeller is a fully open design that significantly reduces clogging. Integral back pump-out vanes reduce stuffing box pressure, prolonging mechanical seal life. The impeller and casing are matched to achieve high efficiency and low NPSH. Sealed by an O-ring, the threaded area is protected against corrosion. All impellers are available in an optional keyed and bolted design.
  • A low-flow impeller is available for select sizes of STP frame pumps. This low-flow impeller helps extend MTBF for those applications operating far to the left of the best efficiency point (BEP) of the standard pump.
  • The power end has a bearing frame made of heavy-duty cast-iron (ductile iron on STP frame sizes) construction. It is designed with an enlarged oil reservoir for better dissipation of heat and bullseye sight glass for easy monitoring of oil levels. The bearing frame is coated internally to ensure zero contamination of the oil or bearings from inside.
  • The VBXD® labyrinth oil seal by Inpro, designed especially for Peerless Pump, provides both static and dynamic sealing using contact technology to positively seal the bearings from environmental contamination.
  • All bearing frames also include pre-drilled bosses for vibration-monitoring and/or temperature-monitoring devices.
  • Bearing fits are precision-bored, and all bearings meet or exceed the minimum ANSI L10 life of 17,500 hours.
  • The shaft is available with sleeve or in solid shaft construction.
  • All power ends are backed by a three-year warranty.
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