Taber 1000/8000

Industry leading vertical sump pump, designed for maximizing MTBF. Standard features include settings of up to 35 foot in length, larger shaft diameters, shorter bearing spans, longer sleeve bearings, thicker support plate, schedule 40 column/discharge pipe, registered column fits, keyed & bolted impeller,… Available in a wide range of metallurgies.

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  • Sulfuric Acid
  • Molten Salts
  • Heat Transfer Liquids
  •  Molten Sulfur
  • Caustic
  • Drainage Sumps
  • Industrial Waste Systems


Capacities Up to 4,000 gpm (909 m3/hr)

Head Up to 600 feet (183 meters)

Pressure Up to 250 psig (18 kg/cm2g, 1,724 kPag)

Horsepower Up to 200 hp (149 kW)

Temperature 1200F

Drives Electric motors, Right angle gear, PTO, Diesel, Steam turbine…

Liquids Acids, bases, molten salts/metals/sulfur, hazardous chemicals, flammables/combustibles, water


Ductile iron, 316 SS, A48,
317 SS, R55, Nickel,
Elcomet K, Hastelloy(s), plus
most machinable alloys.

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  • Rugged vertical design: Rugged construction provides long MTBPM and long service life.
  • Pump thrust bearing: Since pump thrust is not carried by the motor, standard P-base motors and flexible couplings can be used.
  • Impeller adjustment above support rate: Allows for impeller adjustment with pump installed, reducing maintenance and adjustment time.
  • Long sleeve bearings: Offers better support of the shaft, less shaft deflection, and longer bearing life.
  • Registered fits: Every part location is concentric to the shaft, offering longer MTBPM and simple maintenance.
  • Fabricated support columns: Rigid support columns with registered fits provide precise alignment of shaft and sleeve bearings for easy assembly.
  • Oversized shaft diameters: Large shaft diameter minimizes deflection, provides longer MTBPM and better shaft/bearing stability.
  • All metal construction: Strength and durability of a wide range of alloys to handle a wide range of liquids.
  • Strainer: Optional for waste sumps to keep trash out of impeller and casting.
  • Heavy duty support plates: Thicker support plates offer a longer service life due to more stiffness and vibration damping effect.
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