Peerless Pump® Submersible Vertical Pump will handle a wide range of hydraulic and mechanical coverage, combined to equal or surpass the highest efficiency peak performance and lowest pumping costs in the industry. Consisting of four basic elements; (1) pump bowl assembly, (2) column pipe, (3) discharge elbow at grade level and (4) submersible electric motor. Peerless Pump® offers a wide range of submersible pumps.

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• Well water
• Mine dewatering
• Irrigation
• Domestic Water


Capacities UP to 8,000 USGPM (1,818 m3/hr)

Head Up to 1,000 feet (305 meters)

Pressure Up to 627 psi, 43 bar

Horsepower Up to 500 HP (373 kW)

Temperature Up to 122°F, 50°C

Drives Electric submersible motors

Liquids Well water

Materials Cast iron bronze fitted, All iron, All bronze (B-700)

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Peerless  Pump®  submersible  vertical  turbine  pumps  offer  many  features that save time and money.   Rotating elements are free from radial thrust, minimizing bearing wear and contributing to long, trouble-free service life. Dual bronze and neoprene bowl bearings are always lubricated by the pumped liquid, reducing failures and required maintenance.   Steel cored neoprene lateral seal rings provide an abrasion resistant seal between impeller and bowl,  maximizing  efficiency  and  increasing  wear  life.   Impellers  are  cast bronze as standard, combining smooth efficient surfaces with considerable corrosion resistance.  Bowls are cast iron as standard with smooth vitreous enamel coated flow passages and are some of the heaviest in the industry. This additional bowl weight insures solid, leak-resistant construction, as well as ample corrosion allowance.   Pump-grade corrosion resistant stainless steel shafting is used in every application, limiting vibrations and bearing wear.  Extra-long sleeve bearings in the bowls offer additional radial support to the shaft and protect the upper motor bearing.

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