Vertical enclosed shaft pumps for sewage and waste water. Type VCS.

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Recommended for pumping water borne sewage, trash and waste, they are suitable for applications in:

Commercial Buildings  Motels, Office Buildings, Trailer & Mobile Home Parks

Public Buildings  Hospitals, Educational & Instructional Buildings, Parks & Playgrounds, Sewage & Water Treatment Plants

Industrial Plants  Food Processing Plants, Manufacturing Plants, Service Buildings


Capacities Up to 900 gpm (204 m3/hr)

Head Up to 110 feet (34 meters)

Pressure Up to 55 psi (4 kg/cm2, 379 kPa)

Horsepower Up to 30 hp (22 kW)

Temperature Up to 110°F (43°C)

Drives Vertical electric motors

Liquids Sewage and non-corrosive liquids

Materials Cast iron

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The design features of the Peerless Type VCS non-clog pumps which contribute to their unsurpassed quality and value are:

  • Registered fits at every joint to assure and hold straight shaft alignment
  • Heavy duty sleeve-type shaft bearings and bearing housings for tough, rugged construction
  • Expansion joints at critical locations to eliminate mechanical binding as a result of temperature changes
  • Many options-accessories and materials of construction- to assure the ideal pump for your application
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